What is Awakening?


The existential pain many people experience lies behind thoughts such as "Who am I?", "Why do I feel like this?", "What is existence?".

We experience existential pain because we believe we have a self. The illusion of having a self and self-based thinking causes us pain.

This I-character is only an illusion in our mind, like a mirage in the desert. Our pain stems from us reacting to other people and their behaviour, through the experience of us having a self. The experience of a self is like a skewed artificial filter. As we react to situations and circumstances, it is our experienced self that does it, regardless whether it is a positive or a negative experience, regardless whether it is pleasant and useful or unpleasant and useless. People identify themselves very strongly through the experience of having a self.

By awakening, we see through the illusion and experience of our mind which is free from selfing, i.e. we experience the true nature of our mind.

May all Beings realize their true nature!