Nondual Awakening is no accident anymore


Around five years ago I first stumbled across the Two-Part Formula for Awakening in a forum post titled "Awakening Is Not an Accident Anymore". Having been familiarised with the phenomena of awakening - the falling off of the conceptual notion of being a separate "I" cut off from other beings and an external world - through the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Dr. Robert Forman and others, I was indeed under the impression that awakening was something that happened by accident; a spontaneous event triggered for a selected few through intense suffering or prolonged arduous meditation practice. That there could be a method specifically designed to induce it was simply unthinkable for me at the time. 

So hearing that awakening did not need be a mere "accident" was exactly what I needed at the time. Having grown increasingly frustrated with my own spiritual practice due to the lack of measurable and permanent progress, I had begun playing with the idea of shaving my head, taking a new name, and to leave the "mundane" world behind to dedicate my life exclusively to practicing in solitude. Boy, am I glad I came across that post!

I already knew in my heart that awakening was real, and when reading through the post I could somehow tell that the method presented - The Two-Part Formula - would bring me to that long-sought realisation; to awakening. Though I couldn't put my finger on it at the time, I could sense the same authenticity, the same joyous realisation in the eyes of those who had awakened using the method, as I had previously seen in the eyes of Eckhart Tolle & Co. 

Five days after starting "Guidance to Awakening", the guided application of the method, I knew for a fact that awakening need not be "an accident" but a phenomena with a specific mechanism. I knew that the main ingredient for awakening need not be suffering, nor years and years of dedicated meditation practice but simply seeing the tension identified as "I" in the context of the basic space of open awareness. Seeing that this belief, this illusion that I had invested so much time and effort in keeping up had no basis in reality, I did indeed, in the timeless words of the master Longchen Rabjam, "burst out laughing"! 

Therefore, if the reader has, like I had, an intuitive sense that awakening is real and worth pursuing, I urge you not to let your previous ideas hinder you from attaining this realisation first hand. To put it bluntly, if you have not permanently realised the empty nature of "I" for yourself, how could you possibly know what methods work or not? This is of course not to say that you one shouldn't approach the subject with healthy scepticism, but a friendly reminder of the potential limiting nature of beliefs, and of keeping an open mind with regards to what is possible. 

All instructions regarding the Two-Part Formula for Awakening, as well as several detailed examples of its application, can be found freely in the ebook "Awake! A Handbook of Awakening" by Buddhist master and teacher Kim Thubten Lingpa. 

May all beings cut through the shackles of the illusory tyrant of "I", "me" and "mine"!

~ Lama Karl Eikrem, 30.03.2021