The Two-Part Formula for Awakening

Attaining Certainty About the Nondual Nature of Mind

The Two-Part Formula for Awakening

A practice-proven way to enter the Path of Enlightenment

The Two-Part Formula (2PF) is a simple and effective method for bringing about a permanent awakening, that is, a dropping off of the illusion of self. 

It's about being aware of one's sense of self and observing it systematically. Applying the 2PF doesn't differ from the way a scientist carries out a careful examination. It's about examining the mind, looking into one's own psychology in a particular way.

When you really immerse yourself in applying the 2PF, it can bring about awakening. Awakening happens on the level of your mind and is a permanent state, not a temporary experience.

The 2PF is a spiritual-psychological technique, which can produce a significant shift in one's mind and thereby in one's life as well. It's about illuminating the most significant cause of dissatisfaction from one's mind stream. Overall, awakening is a central theme in all time-tested spiritual traditions.

Ressources for Awakening

The 2PF Toolbox

Get Personal Guidance to Awakening

Request a personal e-mail guidance to awakening with one of our experienced teachers.

Facebook Group

Join a communiy of other practitioners and aeachers of the Two-Part Formula to awakening.

Youtube discussion on Awakening

An insightful and vivid discussion on the mechanics of nondual awakening and the Two-Part Formula.

Guided Practice

Let Kim Rinpoche guide you through the 2PF.

People who awakened through the 2PF



»Everything in my experience is so much CLEARER. Thoughts feel as if they are far away and there is a lot of stillness. Even though I have a lot do during the day, there remains a joyful inner calm. I'm really impressed by that new sense of inner clarity.«



»Effortless clarity. The inner calm and serenity is just wonderful. It feels like a new level. My body feels much more whole and less separated from the head. So many subtle things have changed and I can meditate much easier now.«


United Kingdom

»My everyday life continues to feel oddly problem-free. There is a sense of lightness. The change feels subtle but significant. I feel like a thorn has been removed from my foot--but one that's been there my whole life.«


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